Why is Training Important?

Great leaders aren’t born; they’re made. And providing the best possible training programs is one way to develop new leaders, improve the performance of experienced managers, and keep great employees at every level from leaving.

What Makes Consilio Different?

The 3 reasons clients say they work with us:


We get to know their business so that everything we deliver is relevant to work being done everyday.


We get people up and practicing — out of their seats and comfort zones where the learning takes hold.


We structure programs for repetition over time, helping people learn, retain and apply tools to create better outcomes.

Types of Training

Client Experience

Build long-term customer relationships by leveraging time-tested, results-focused training with specialists who know your niche


Learn to spot the knowledge gaps that are holding your teams back and how to model skills and behaviors that will help them grow

Train the Trainer

Collaborate with a partner who understands your industry, organization, internal roles, and the specific challenges you’re facing

Latest Training Blogs

What Are Consilio’s Clients Saying?

“Preparation is key. Stacey and the team from Consilio do their homework thoroughly and came prepared to provide the most value possible for our strategic planning session. ”
“I have observed many professional facilitators over the years, and Stacey is by far the best when it comes to strategic planning.”

-Jack Monger
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