Silver Bullet Selling

The 52-week Amazon bestseller by Consilio President G.A. Bartick

Get the six secrets for success that all great sales professionals use to build trusting relationships with prospects and clients.

A Complete Path to Sales Success

Based on ten years of extensive research and interviews with thousands of top sales performers in a variety of industries, Silver Bullet Selling goes beyond explaining sales theory to show you how to apply it consistently, effectively, and profitably on your very next sales call.


You’ll learn to communicate better with your prospects, differentiate yourself from the competition, build value for your product in the mind of the buyer, and close more sales than ever before.

What Readers Are Saying About Silver Bullet Selling

“Learn how to sell more, better, faster, and easier in any market! This book will supercharge your selling results.”

- Brian Tracy, author of The Psychology of Selling
“The Silver Bullet Selling process will create adversity for your competitors and very positive results for your bottom line.”

- Dallas Haun, President and CEO, Nevada State Bank
“A clear and powerful six-step process that guarantees success. Read it, study it, refer back to it, and your sales results will soar.”

- Tom Karinshak, Managing Director, Barclaycard US
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Consilio President and Silver Bullet Selling author G.A. Bartick has been in sales his entire career. As a trainer and facilitator, he uses his experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to connect with his audience and inspire improved performance.

G.A. is passionate about 1-on-1 coaching with executives and managers and has implemented Bullet Selling sales programs for clients, including Morgan Stanley, Wachovia, Charter Communications, SBC Communications, Oakley, and hundreds of other organizations around the world.

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