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YouTube Spaces hires Consilio to create a customer-central culture.

Creating a “Delight Factory.”

Lights. Camera. Action.

YouTube is – once again – redefining the way online videos are made and shared. State-of-the-art production facilities called YouTube Spaces are popping up all over the globe – providing YouTube creators with unbelievable opportunities to learn, connect and create. But as the online video platform evolves, YouTube finds itself in a new, unfamiliar customer-facing position. That’s where Consilio comes in.

The Solution

Consilio helped the creative folks at YouTube Spaces define and refine their customer service principles and effectively communicate those principles to everyone who works at the Spaces. Consilio also developed and delivered the Creator Connect process to the entire Space staff – from executives to production assistants to people working the ‘cage.’ The Creator Connect process set the expectation of what customer service should look like at each and every Space from Los Angeles to Tokyo. It also gave participants practice and experience before using the process with YouTube creators – paving the way for an even more amazing creator experience. YouTube Space Cadets learned collaborative problem-solving techniques and how to best use their time with creators to maximize that creator’s experience at the Space.


The Scoreboard

  • Space employees report increased confidence in handling difficult conversations without escalating issues to their managers. Managers say YouTube Spaces are operating as the “delight factories” they are meant to be. And creators and visitors have expressed unsolicited awe and gratitude for the outstanding service provided by the Spaces:
  • “From the people who let you in the door and print your badge to the security staff, everyone represents the company with extreme pride. It’s always comfortable, productive, and fun to be in the Space. It’s inspiring and very professional.” -YouTube Space creator
  • “The program was great! It was easy to understand and follow and what I really love is that we can implement this immediately so that the creator experience at each Space is consistent and high quality.” -YouTube Space manager