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University of Phoenix created $47 MM in new revenues implementing Consilio’s Smart Talk methodology.

The challege.

New regulations pulled the rug underneath the ‘tried & true’ student enrollment process. Past success driven by performance-based incentives, hard sales metrics and high-pressure sales tactics is no longer viable. University of Phoenix needed a new sales model before sales slid further. Furthermore, morale was waning and sales productivity lagging. Senior management clearly understood the urgency and framed the new direction in one key question: How do we create a better student enrollment experience that enrolls more students per conversation while complying with new regulations? And do this across 7,800 Enrollment Advisors in 98 locations.

The Solution

The key is how to maximize each student conversation to increase enrollment and do it the ‘right’ way. University of Phoenix called on Consilio to create “Smart Talk”. This is the process the Enrollment Advisors use to have a great conversation with their students. It quickly reduces the resistance of the caller and increases their receptivity to truly hearing the University of Phoenix unique value they bring to each student. Then Consilio put in place a coaching program to make sure the Team Managers were able to make Smart Talk part of the organization’s communication “DNA”. This included a customized in class training program for Enrollment Advisors, a program for Team Managers, follow up along with a Certification Program that ensured that Smart Talk was being executed effectively across each location from coast to coast.

The Scoreboard

After creating the customized Smart Talk program, delivering it to both the Enrollment Advisors and Team Mangers, the University of Phoenix achieved a 29% growth in new students year over year and did that in an increased regulator environment. In addition, students enrolled in 2.3 additional classes on average.