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Agents who consistently and effectively use the Customers for Life sales process write more apps, help more people, and make more money.

Customers for life.

The process Consilio created for MetLife creates trust, helps customers feel more at ease and increases the likelihood that those customers will engage openly. And that’s what sales reps and buyers need when they make life-changing decisions together.

  • Choosing the right life insurance policy is a decision that can make a huge impact on the future of a person’s loved ones. Shouldn’t consumers consult with an expert to make sure they’re getting the best plan for their needs?
  • The insurance specialists at MetLife think so. They know a buying experience with such life-altering implications should be a careful and comfortable one.

The Challenge

But, talking about life and death and who gets all the money isn’t comfortable.

Here’s where the communication and sales experts at Consilio come in. We helped MetLife grow revenue by implementing an even more customer-focused sales culture – one where MetLife provides the best possible support, advice and experience so their customers can feel good about their life insurance decisions.

The Scoreboard

Consilio developed a succinct conversation framework for sales reps to use as a guide for their life insurance consultations. This framework allows associates to:

  • Build rapport quickly while adding their personalities to the sales process,
  • Conduct a thorough needs assessment to uncover the customer’s current and desired situations while identifying a buying gap,
  • Deliver a tailored recommendation that satisfies both the customer’s emotional and logical needs,
  • Address customer concerns in a non‐confrontational manner to move the sale forward, and
  • Close the sale and write the app