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Avis Budget Group

We improved all aspects of customer experience provided by over 150 internal and outsourced reservations centers around the world.

Driving up the customer service experience.

In 2011 the voice of the customer revealed AvisBudget (ABG) ranked 8th out of the top 11 carriers for rental car satisfaction (J.D. Power and Associates). They came to Consilio to help with some big changes- improve all aspects of the customer experience being provided by over 150 internal and outsourced reservations centers around the world.

The Challenge

Shift the thinking of agents and supervisors from metrics focused to customer centric. Oh, and don’t forget to make it engaging, empowering and globally relevant. Challenge accepted.

The Solution

We collaborated with leadership at AvisBudget and two of their leading outsourcers, WNS and Televista, to put agents and managers in the driver’s seat. How’d we do it? Two customized programs for ABG: Front line agent’s guide to creating a distinctive, great customer experience worldwide Supervisor’s guide to coaching to the behaviors that make up a great customer experience to ensure sustainability of the change Delivered classroom training, follow-up coaching and workshops in various high-impact centers, including Mexico and Costa Rica

The Scoreboard

The training provided a common language and skill set for ABG and their outsourced call center partners, and as a result, they were able to transition from confrontational to collaborative. Supervisors are now focused on coaching to behaviors and creating a positive coaching experience for the agents. Great coaching sessions have led to increased employee engagement and an improved customer experience.

  • 16% increase in ancillary revenue
  • 15% increase in revenue per rental
  • 32% increase in “Take Rate” or the percentage of rentals that have additional ancillary products sold