Telecommunications Case Study

Consilio increased revenue-generating transactions by 187% with targeted training.

The Situation

You really can’t live without cable and internet these days, especially if you’re running a business.

And when they don’t work, what do you do? You call your cable company. In fact, millions of customers do just that every year. Comcast wanted to improve these customers’ overall experience and use the calls as an opportunity to offer additional products and services.

The Solution

Consilio worked with Comcast Business Care to develop and implement a coaching program, Coaching for Business (C4B), and a customer care call flow, Solutions for Business (S4B), in 2014 to shift customer care representatives into a more consultative role.

These programs give Comcast representatives the skillset to serve customers more effectively while also increasing sales.

Consilio facilitators also helped supervisors advance their coaching skills (and thus the skills of their agents) by teaching them our skills transfer process and 1-on-1 coaching techniques.

In 2015, Consilio and Comcast launched a new program to improve the way managers and supervisors coach. Both organizations were  committed to creating a culture of consistent performance improvement, including coaching workshops and customized, individual coaching plans for supervisors.

The Scoreboard

Consilio’s coaching program stuck. Supervisors and agents report it is alive and well and producing results months long after the initial program ended.

Supervisors also say that they have a renewed freedom in their coaching that didn’t exist before Consilio. Using a framework that guides agents to find beneficial solutions for both parties, rather than a script that can place limitations on customer conversations, has been transformational.

Comcast met its upsell-per-call goal of 4.4% in 2014 and is well on its way to making further gains.

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