Technology Case Study

Advanced consultative sales process led to more productive meetings and a more positive buying experience for customers.

The Situation

As we say here at Consilio, “Everyone hates to be sold, but they LOVE to buy.”

Google understands this concept. As the company rolled out its Google Offers deal platform, management decided to implement an advanced consultative sales process to create a more positive buying experience for its customers.

The Solution

Consilio and Google worked together on a new program that was eventually called Mission for Success. It’s a customized relationship-building process based on already established Google best practices and the best practices of other top performers.

The process gives Googlers the ability to efficiently attract new, profitable clients and gather more business from current clients.

Mission for Success was such a hit that Google brought Consilio back to teach more in-depth advanced consultative sales techniques to various Google teams.

The Scoreboard

Googlers who completed Mission for Success and Advanced Consultative Selling report more productive meetings and an increase in new clients who view them as trusted advisors rather than irritating salespeople.

“I learned how to talk to my dealers in a way that explains & ‘sells’ the product,” one class member said, “without being annoying or overbearing about sales.”

“This was a wonderful sales training,” said another. “It was valuable for a National Ad Sales Executive and can be used for any products, not just Google products.”

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