Hospitality & Travel Case Study

Consilio helped increase conversions and employee satisfaction by improving supervisor-agent interactions.

The Situation

We love vacations, but we aren’t big fans of planning them. So when we had the opportunity to partner with the vacation planning experts at, we couldn’t wait to pack our bags and get out there!

The Solution

We helped the already-knowledgeable planning experts at shift their approach from sales agents to trusted travel advisors through a conversation framework.

To ensure that every travel advisor received the same five-star coaching experience, Consilio’s framework became the foundation for a revised new hire training program and a Train the Trainer program for their internal training team.

The Scoreboard

These programs made interactions between supervisors and agents more engaging, positive, and focused on skill development. As a result, travel advisors became more effective quickly by using their strengthened conversation skills to find properties that fit their customers’ travel needs.

  • Increase in conversion rate by 39.7%
  • Significant increase in employee satisfaction
  • Decreases in attrition and absenteeism

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