Rogers Communication

Direct Sales Case Study

Consilio reduced attrition and improved revenue-generating units for door-to-door sellers and cold callers in the Great White North.

The Situation

We call them road warriors. Rogers Communications’ sales professionals are out on the streets – day to day, door to door – rocking homes across Canada with stellar television and internet service and information.

“But those cold call interactions are tough!” you say. You’re right, and they can be tough to coach as well. This is especially true in an industry known for reactionary leadership that punishes team members for poor performance metrics.

The Solution

Enter Consilio. We launched Rock the Home with Rogers in 2014 and hit the cold, hard streets of Canada with our road warriors, eh? We shared their experiences in developing a sales process and learning path to address their specific needs, which included foundational sales training.

Rogers’ front-line sales reps went through “sales boot camp” while managers participated in custom workshops to learn how to be even better coaches for their foot soldiers.

The Scoreboard

Coaches are more focused on a proactive coaching style that encourages positive behaviors, and both coaches and front-line reps have reported a noticeable performance improvement since Rock the Home.

Consilio continues to push the Rogers team out of its comfort zone by implementing and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement that creates a better experience for everyone involved – customers, vendors, staff, leaders and more.

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