Hawthorne Caterpillar

Construction Equipment Case Study

Consilio customized the sales process to reach more prospects, build relationships and harvest referrals.

The Situation

The Hawthorne Caterpillar team was winning about 91% of their deals. That sounds like a great track record, right? They didn’t see it that way.

The team was mostly selling to current customers and with little focus on converting competitor customers. They weren’t expanding their client base by getting into new deals.

The extremely seasoned sales team needed the tools and the confidence to build new relationships and sell to anyone – even a lifelong John Deere guy.

The Solution

The Consilio team knows growth comes from pushing outside of your comfort zone, so when Hawthorne Caterpillar came to us to expand their reach, we knew just how to service their heavy machinery sales team.

Consilio worked with leadership at Hawthorne CAT to create a customized sales process for their sales team – but we didn’t stop there.

We also taught the management at Hawthorne CAT our process for successfully transferring vital sales skills.

And we also worked with managers on how to hold associates and executives accountable – not only for the results but also for the behaviors that lead to the desired results.

The Scoreboard

After working with Consilio, sales associates and executives had the tools they needed to effectively and efficiently reach more potential customers, build new relationships, and harvest referrals.

Through follow-up coaching, we continue to help the Hawthorne Caterpillar team with the heavy lifting of changing a sales culture and reaching outside of their comfort zone.

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