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45-minute content-packed, interactive sessions with 15-minute Q&A. Custom PDF Workbook included.

Up to 24 participants 

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“Stacey and her team at Consilio partnered with our group to lead a workshop on communication in the workplace (“How to Have Your Voice Heard”) Stacey is extremely well – spoken and offered applicable advice to a group of women ranging in age, ethnicity and experience. She provided the group with valuable resources and knowledge.”

Understand Your Team Through DISC

Ever wonder about the behavior styles of other members of your team? How about what drives YOUR behavior?  

DISC is a neutral language that describes the differences in how people approach problems, other people, pace and procedures.  It is also the universal language of observable human behavior – a person’s  manner of doing things.  It describes how they and you act. 

Additional at-cost fee for custom DISC reports. 


Do you ever feel like you are rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off? Missing deadlines or overwhelmed? You are not alone!

Few people disagree that the speed of change is impacting how we do business. While most understand the value of slowing down and planning, it’s only the elite few who do. Statistics continue to prove true what coaches and thought leaders tell us, “For every minute you invest in planning, you save as many as ten minutes in execution.” – Brian Tracy

In this program, we explore why the most successful people plan their work before working their plan, uncover the limiting beliefs and misnomers of planning, discuss the difference between strategic thinking and execution planning (and how much time to spend in each), then wrap with time wasters by personality style.

Walk away with your personal strategic planning workbook to begin creating your path to success!

How to have your voice heaRD

Do you ever feel like you are talking but no one hears you unless you are pounding your chest? We have been there.

Where would we be if everyone chose to speak and listen with respect and dignity?

Not only how you speak to someone else, but also how your internal talk affects your communication with others others. When choosing to respect yourself it will come through in your communication with others.

In this program, we discuss :

  • The neuroscience behind where our thoughts and feelings come from and how to change them .
  • The 2 steps to behavior change.
  • Above and Below the Line Concept; going from Victim to Victor.
  • The power of “comma and”, “I appreciate” and “I feel.”
    Giving a charitable assumption
  • The Platinum Rule

Walk away with cutting edge tools that will help you eradicate miscommunication and be heard.


For those of us who are used to leading and managing the team by walking around, popping in and/or overhearing what folks are working on, the Virtual Leadership world can be very frustrating. Not knowing who is working on what, or why are they not responding to emails or instant messages can be maddening. And neuroscience teaches us that in the absence of information, the human brain makes it up. And it is rarely favorable… we always “assume” the other person is not working or taking advantage of their remote work privilege by eating bon bons and binge-watching TV.

This program is focused on how to Lead Virtually; we’ll explore the concept of Virtual Fatigue and how to overcome it, ways to improve your meetings to increase participation and effectiveness, strategies on how to motivate and foster teamwork in the remote work setting, and the 3 rules of coaching that are critical to improve performance.


AKA: Our Top Takeaways from Over Ten Months of Marketing Virtually!

Sure! We are all doing a lot of things virtually these days, but no matter how you slice it, business is still about people professionally helping other people.

In this program, we discuss the techniques used to open more conversations and close more business, all virtually. From rapport building to practical tips you can use on the very next call or interaction, to how to get someone to respond who is ghosting you in email, this session is packed with ready to implement techniques you can use right away to improve your conversion and conversation results.

Referrals that work

We all want them, we all need them and most of us aren’t real great at knowing how to get them. Who do you know is too big of a question. Learn how to ask clients for referrals that results in…you guessed it, referrals!

It seems that most people are afraid to ask for referrals because they don’t know how to ask. And they turn the client into a suspect. They were on our side, but
now they are avoiding us and we’re stalking them for a name. We make it too hard for them to give us any introductions because it is too difficult to narrow it down to 1 or 2 people. A mental Rolodex is too big. 

In this referral presentation you’ll walk away with a 4 step process that is proven to yield referrals, along with the templates and job aides you’ll need to succeed on purpose every time!


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“Stacey and her team at Consilio partnered with our group to lead a workshop on communication in the workplace (“How to have your voice heard”) Stacey is extremely well – spoken and offered applicable advice to a group of women ranging in age, ethnicity and experience. She provided the group with valuable resources and knowledge.”

“I got a call within 24 hours from one of the agents who tried the technique and got two responses from people who had not completed their application. These strategies work fast.”


“There are a couple words I use to describe Stacey, G.A. and the Consilio team; high energy, forward thinking, and created possibilities for our team in line with our sales processes. Not only was the presentation dynamic and engaging, but they took the time to align the presentation with our sales process. This made it seamless to apply when the team returned to their offices and started to implement the tactics and learning. Ultimately, they helped us create habits and repeatable processes for us that actually put points on the scoreboard.”