Fractional Leadership

Your business needs executive support, but you don't have the budget for a full-time executive.

Consilio’s fractional leadership solutions ensure that you’ll have the right experts on your team when you need them.

What is Fractional Leadership?

Much like fractional accounting or marketing services, fractional leadership solutions from Consilio serve as part of your team to provide coaching, mentorship, and other sales and leadership skills.

A fractional leader supports your team on the path to reaching organizational and strategic goals by providing expert advice to help you to create success on purpose.

Your Fractional Leader will also facilitate access to Consilio’s full roster of specialists – an entire suite of talent that you can’t find in one full-time hire.

Why Should I Choose Consilio For Fractional Leadership?

All of Consilio’s fractional leaders have more than 20 years of CEO and COO experience. As we integrate with your team, we help you build a solid infrastructure to prepare you for your next phase of growth. That includes asking tough questions and creating a culture that fosters innovation and accountability.


Your fractional leader will ensure that your team has the systems and structures you need today and serve as a constant source of ideas, strategies and tactics to sustain and augment success.

What Are Consilio’s Clients Saying?

“Consilio has been incredibly helpful to our business, and they have earned top marks across multiple teams within our organization.”

- Chris Barnes
“Stacey and her team helped us make huge gains on our leadership goals this year!”

- Michelle Flores, COO, Flores Financial
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