DISC Assessments

Achieve Your Personal & Business Goals Through Better Communication

Learn to adapt your communication style to increase sales and productivity, improve team performance, and develop key leaders

What Will DISC Assessments Do For Our Team?

The DISC assessment and report make it easy to identify and understand your personal communication style and motivations, recognize and adapt to others’ styles, and communicate more effectively with others.

DISC Assessments empower you to go beyond The Golden Rule (“treat others how you want to be treated”) and build a flexible, high-performance team that applies The Platinum Rule – treating others as they want to be treated.

The benefits of DISC assessments for your team include improved working relationships, stronger sales skills, more effective leadership, and a better overall working environment. With the information that DISC assessments provide, you’ll be able to create data-driven action plans to maximize your organization’s talent, create teams based on compatible skills and traits, and teach valuable behavior profiling skills to fit a given customer’s buying style.

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What are Consilio Clients Saying About DISC Training?

“I get to understand myself better (in work and at home), and I am more mindful to observe people around me, and try to understand them.”
“Kayden did a great job in pivoting to some changes that our team wanted due to apprehensions around privacy etc. Really glad to have had her as an instructor.”
“DISC has transformed the way our team communicates. Now armed with simple tools and insights, we have expanded our ability to understand one another and communicate more effectively, ultimately improving our overall performance and working relationships.”
“DISC training for our leadership team was so powerful! It is so critical to have effective communication amongst your team and this tool allowed us to have better insight into one another’s perspective and thus better learn how to align our styles to achieve results! Stacey and her team helped us make huge gains on our leadership goals this year! Definitely recommend this training!”

- Michelle Flores, COO, Flores Financial
“Using DISC allowed me to better understand my own communication style, as well as helped me understand how my teammates/directs' styles may differ. It has been a valuable and insightful tool that we've even incorporated into our interview process!”

- Kendra Gebhart, Manager, Gap Intelligence
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