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Break through the barriers that are holding your teams back to achieve lasting results

Executive Coaching

  • When you’re in the C-suite, there’s no such thing as “soft skills.” Listening, communication, empathy, and persuasion might actually be more essential than technical knowledge or industry certifications.
  • Consilio Executive Coaching can imbue your leaders with the skills, mindset, and abilities they need to thrive and sustain growth. Every interactive session is customized to help your top team retain and apply what they learn, as new skills generate better outcomes and stronger relationships with subordinates, colleagues, and customers.

Mid-Level Coaching

  • You hear it all the time as a manager – your people are your biggest competitive advantage, and it’s up to you to bring out the best in them. But where do you start? And while you’re training your employees to be the best that they can be, how do you elevate your own performance?
  • Consilio coaches have successfully overcome these challenges and can help you do the same. With Consilio’s Mid-Level Coaching program, you’ll get a curriculum packed with valuable insights, practical management experience, and your own best practices to help you and your team achieve lasting success.

Performance Coaching

  • Performance coaching gives you the opportunity to observe your teams in action so that you can identify and address the key skill gaps that will make the biggest impact on their performance.
  • You’ll also get to clarify expectations and model the skills and behaviors that will help your team improve their performance. Performance coaching also improves the effectiveness of your strategic leadership and equips you with the skills necessary to motivate staff and boost performance.

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What Are Consilio’s Clients Saying?

“With their help, we had every detail planned out exactly the way we wanted it. They also provided us with great leadership training sessions and active tasks to help show how we work together as a team.”
“They are extremely skilled at managing a variety of personality types, generating broad participation, and keeping the group focused and energized right up to the very last minute.”

-Jack Monger
“We had about 50 managers that regularly attend meetings and conferences, and the overall feedback after the event was that it was one of the best meetings they have gone to.”

-John Burrows
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