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Coaching Forward

Coaching Forward

Do you encounter resistance from your team when trying to provide feedback or coaching? The key is focusing your coaching on helping them improve the next interaction, vs reliving the past over and over. This training philosophy is designed to help you decrease defensiveness and to increase receptivity and excitement.

Learn the behaviors you need to support your team so they are consistently delivering service excellence. Through customized trainings using the Coaching Forward philosophy, leaders learn how to continuously improve the performance of teams and how to build a culture that it is fun, motivating and results-oriented all at the same time.

The Coaching Forward philosophy

The Coaching Forward training philosophy is designed to help your team decrease defensiveness and increase receptivity and excitement in order to consistently deliver service excellence. It focuses on:

Skills Mastery

As a leader, you are the model for the employees who follow you. For that reason, you must be a subject matter expert on your processes, with the ability and the courage to demonstrate what you expect of your people.


Setting Crystal Clear and Compelling Performance Expectations

Decide exactly the behaviors you want from your team and communicate them relentlessly. You must have clarity on what you want your team to do on a daily basis and you need to ask for this constantly. Expect excellence! People rise to the level we expect, but they stop where we tolerate. Tolerate mediocrity, that’s what you’ll get.

Performance Coaching and Skills Transfer

You need to observe your agents in action so that you can quickly determine the key skill areas that will make the biggest impact on their performance. You also need to be able to show them how to do it and model the skills and behaviors that will help them improve their performance.

Effective Team Meetings

Group meetings are a fantastic opportunity to build skills, recognize performance, set goals and motivate your team. Conducted effectively, daily huddles or longer team meetings can be the cornerstone of a high-performance group.

Performance Urgency

To get the maximum performance from each person every day you need to create an environment where every customer interaction counts. To do this you need to leverage all of your resources (scoreboards, recognition, contests, etc.) so that every day is important.

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