Why Most Sales Training Is Too Easy

Very few sales training or customer service programs really challenge the participants to clear the bar and show they have learned the content.

This is because most sales training allots minimal time for actual practice and wastes a ton of time on discussion and brainstorming new ideas of what to do.

Sales professionals MUST be able to verbalize competitive advantages, a value proposition and responses to frequently heard objections. All the conversation and thinking and planning in the world isn’t going to give them the ability to do this under pressure. What will give them this ability is practice and repetition with strong coaching. Consilio is the only training company we are aware of that does this and we’ve seen a lot of other training organizations come and go over the last 30 years.

Our team is more similar to Navy SEAL trainers than academic facilitators. They conduct difficult drills, give examples, practice and practice more until every participant can clear the bar and verbalize the core selling language that creates business.

Most sales trainers have little real ability to coach in a group situation so they do what they’re comfortable doing; they lead a lot of group discussion and although participants may like this, the progress and pace is slow and comfortable.

Not with Consilio. The progress is fast, the challenge is high and the intensity of coaching is there every minute of the program. That’s why sales managers love Consilio training. Challenge your team and put them through a program that really makes them perform under pressure to do the things that matter in a sales interaction.

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