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Why Is Middle Management Coaching Important in 2023?

Middle management coaching is essential to keeping pace with the rapidly changing modern landscape. In a short period, hybrid work has become the new normal, which seemed unimaginable pre-pandemic. Fortunately, at Consilio, we have provided the premier middle management training to Southern California for over 20 years, and have the experience to keep up with changes.  

There’s an old saying: “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” But it’s 2023, the age of the self-driving car, and a footrace feels as old as the saying. Shifts happen in the blink of an eye. While everyone else scrambles to keep up with the changing pace, we’ll give you the tools you need to create the vehicle of your design and advantage that ensures you stay ahead of the curve. Remember, Darwin taught us that it’s not the fastest, smartest, or strongest that survives; it is the one who is most flexible.  

The Importance of Middle Management Coaching in 2023

When you’re climbing the corporate ladder, a lot of what you have to learn is measurable and easy to learn independently. But what you need to learn changes once you get to the top. 

Middle management training teaches complex skills, like innovation, execution, and relationship building, so you’re more than just a manager. You’ll become a leader.

Creating an Innovation Mindset

One of the most important benefits of middle management coaching in 2023 is the help you’ll get creating an innovation mindset. 

“Good is no longer good enough. Innovation is going to be what differentiates you from the competition. While everyone in this industry is racing to get ahead of each other on foot, we teach you how to build a car and put yourself comfortably ahead,” Stacey McKibbin, CEO at Consilio, explained. 

Manager coaching teaches how to identify better ways of working. Creating this mindset requires learning how to test, evaluate, and refine new and existing processes, as well as create a space for them within your organization. 

Developing a Change Management Skillset

Middle management coaching will also help develop change management skills to adapt to industry shifts seamlessly. 

Organizational and operational change is now the constant norm. The world will continue to turn at a quickening pace, and these skills will help you keep pace with it, so it feels less like a dizzying blur and more like a picturesque drive along the Southern California coast.

During manager training, you will learn how to prepare for change, communicate, respond to concerns, offer support and encouragement, and implement change effectively.

Mastering Execution

Middle management coaching also teaches you how to master execution. Execution is a huge component of every job.

But when you’re a manager, how do you know when you’ve made progress? How do you know when you’re hitting your targets? How do you know which targets to prioritize?

“According to the Chinese calendar, 2023 is the year of the rabbit. Which is fitting. Because we consider it the year of progress. But if you can’t track progress, you might as well be spinning in circles. While your competition struggles to find their footing, middle management training ensures you’ll be executing, leaping forward, and always making progress,” Stacey offered.  

During manager coaching, you will learn how to create, set, and prioritize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify training needs or other opportunities for crucial support.

Building Stronger Relationships

Middle management coaching will also focus on the people component of the job. Building stronger relationships during change requires transparency. You must identify concerns and respond honestly. Manager training also teaches how to: 

  • Identify, address, and manage resistance  
  • Communicate effectively 
  • Set expectations 
  • Influence others
  • Negotiate change management
  • Act as a liaison for your people 

All of these require honing your emotional intelligence, which is what premier middle management training offers. Ultimately, these relationships are the engine that drives success and propels you past the competition.

Premier Middle Management Coaching in Southern California

2023 is a year clouded by uncertainty. Change will be constant, and adaptation will continue to be the benchmark of survival for organizations. Fortunately, with middle management training at Consilio, anticipating change and adapting will be easier than ever, and it will position you firmly ahead of the competition. 

At Consilio, we’ve provided premier middle management coaching to Southern California for over two decades. We turn managers into leaders and make adjusting to change feel seamless. While the others scramble to keep up with the curve, you’ll be comfortably ahead of it. 
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