What Are “Bedrock Sales Communication Tools” (BSCT’s)?

The Bedrock Sales Communication Tools are the most fundamental communication tools Sales People MUST master.

Consilio has extremely rigorous training and coaching methods to break through the barriers that prevent sales professionals from being able to verbalize the critical information that determines selling results.

These critical sales communication elements include:

  • How to leave a great voice mail to get a callback
  • What to say to gatekeepers that ask “what this is in reference to?”
  • How to answer when a potential customer asks “what do you do and tell me a little about your company?”
  • A credible and compelling answer to the question … “why should I meet with you and what’s in it for me?”
  • A 60-second elevator speech of who you are and what you do
  • A solid credibility statement to kick off an initial sales conversation
  • An agenda statement to start every sales conversation / meeting with
  • The company’s value proposition
  • What differentiates you from your competitors
  • The company’s most important competitive advantages
  • Responses to the 3 most frequent objections to your product/service
  • Answer to the question … “Why should I do business with you?”
  • 3 solid success stories of customers the company does business with and the results they have gotten from your product/service

Knowing what to say and how to say it is not enough. Sales People need to be able to VERBALIZE this knowledge and that’s where the weak link often is. Sales People typically know their message better than they’re able to verbalize it. The cause of poor results often comes from the inability to effectively communicate these critical pieces of communication and poor skills at using a proven sales process. What sales people need to break bad communication habits is extreme coaching, repetition and reinforcement. That’s what Consilio does that is unique in our industry. No one brings the intensity of coaching and practice to the training process the way Consilio does, and we guarantee it.

Selling has gotten steadily more complex over the years. Computer based tools like CRM databases, social networking, cloud based apps, and increasingly complex account development models have raised the bar when it comes to what sales people need to know, especially when it comes to using technology, but one thing hasn’t changed at all. All the planning, social networking, CRM keystrokes and internet research still leads to the exact same place. At some point, they will be voice-to-voice or face-to-face with a living, breathing human being and need to interact with and say something that peaks their interest, so they will become more interested in considering their products and service. Saying the right thing with conviction and credibility at these critical moments is what separates the top performers from everyone else.

When sales people master the bedrock sales communications tools listed above they dramatically increase their odds of success. If they are winging it, mumbling it out, struggling for the right words or simply lack the credibility and conviction they need, then some practice in these areas will yield significant results. 

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