A salesman meeting with clients and leveraging DiSC insights like he learned in sales training.

Using DiSC Insights for Sales Training

Closing sales can sometimes feel like an exercise in reading minds or pure chance, but it is imperative to remember that communication is the bedrock of success. The truth is clients have their needs written all over them, so DiSC insights are essential to sales training. 

DiSC assessments will help your team establish trust to improve closing ratios by understanding how their personality style aligns or rubs against another person’s personality.  This framework allows them to build rapport and relationships quickly, two key goals of any effective sales process. 

Simply relying on the gift of gab, feature-based proposals, or reading minds to close sales is like trying to make a living at the slots in Las Vegas as opposed to playing cards at the table. Improving sales performance requires teaching your teams how to (figuratively) play cards to reap the rewards. You’ve got to be a part of the game, making decisions that influence the outcome vs. just pulling the slot handle and hoping for a win.

At Consilio, we are DiSC-certified and have worked with sales teams across industries, from bootstrap startups to Fortune 100s, and empowered them to maximize sales with DiSC training. Read our blog to learn why DiSC tests are an invaluable tool for sales coaching.

How Can You Use DiSC Insights for Sales Training?

Using DiSC reports in your sales coaching can elevate the performance of your sales team. But you must understand how to integrate it to have an impact. From understanding why it is the perfect approach to understanding how to implement it and the impact it has, read on to learn how to use DiSC insights in sales training. 

Why DiSC Training is the Perfect Fit

Closing sales is, ultimately, about people and communication. And different situations require different kinds of verbal and non-verbal communication. The DiSC assessment is a test that measures core personality traits:

  • Dominance
  • influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

DiSC training is great for sales training because it helps teams understand their traits and predispositions to better navigate and curb tendencies that may get in the way of a sale. It also helps your team understand how to adapt their communication to better align with other personality types.

Miscommunication and an inability to connect with a prospect render your leads DOA. And these lapses are often the result of not understanding what makes the other person tick. DiSC training helps your team fine-tune and tailor their communication style. 

“Imagine your team knows or can determine a prospect is a type C personality. DiSC training will help your team understand this type of personality is analytical and leading with emotion will turn them off. They will want to get right into the agenda spending little time on preliminary pleasantries, they’ll want to hear the concrete facts first, like the breakdowns of details and specific pricing. You need to present this in a way that makes them “right”…any slights to current beliefs or past decisions risk putting you in the “they don’t understand our needs” category…even when your product or service is the superior fit, they won’t choose you because they’ll feel you don’t get their situation.  And we all know the saying about how people strongly remember how you made them feel!” – Stacey McKibbin, Consilio CEO

Essentially, using DiSC insights for sales training is perfect for improving sales performance because it helps your team communicate in the other person’s preferred language by being able to quickly identify observable behaviors and then adapting their own based on what they see. Choosing the best way to ask a question or how to respond to objections, and using the correct tone and cadence, are examples of adjustments one might make.  

These are gentle nuances that are absolutely necessary and controllable by your team…they just need to know what to do and when.

Using DiSC Insights for Improving Sales Performance

Still, understanding how to use DiSC insights during sales training requires considerable expertise and experience. 

For example, one way this coaching can help you in improving sales performance is by teaching your team how to identify different personality types and ask the right questions. Different types respond better to leading, open, closed, alternative, or inducing questions.

“When it comes to sales, your work begins as soon as you first open your mouth. DiSC training can ensure your sales team gets off on the right foot. Imagine you are dealing with an “I” personality profile. Your team will understand that closed questions can be effective for keeping the meeting on track because they tend to go on tangents.” – Stacey

By pulling all the right levers, hitting all the right arguments, and using the correct sales approaches, your team will significantly increase the chances of successful sales. All of which is nearly impossible without the help of a DiSC-certified sales coach. 

The Impact of DiSC Assessments

Weaving DiSC assessments into sales training empowers your team to maximize sales. 

DiSC insights will help your sales team highlight your value by providing explanations and precise details in a way that resonates with different personality profiles and build a lasting rapport with customers. The benefits of DiSC training are a(n):

  • Greater insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your team – sales training is not a one-size fits all, it is most effective when tailored to the individual
    • Understanding of where to make improvements
    • Understanding of how to sell to people with different personality types
    • Understanding of the best sales strategies to use for different personality types
  • Improvement in internal team communication and dynamics
  • Ability to connect clients with your product or service in a unique, meaningful way
  • Ability to create long-lasting relationships with customers for repeat purchases

Also, using the data from DiSC assessments helps your team communicate and work together better, which yields greater collective efficiency, productivity, and success. 

Interested in Improving Sales Performance? Talk to Our Team to Leverage DiSC Insights for Premier Sales Training 

Again, closing sales isn’t about reading minds. It’s about reading the needs your customers express the moment you come into contact with them and understanding how to appeal to them with optimal communication. Incorporating DiSC insights into sales training enables your team to do just that. So working with a premier DiSC-certified trainer is essential to improving sales performance. 

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