train the trainer

Train The Trainer Options

Consilio gives their clients a variety of options when it comes to how training is delivered.

We know that the keys to an effective project to improve the sales and/or coaching culture includes:

  1. Identify transferable best practices that matter.
  2. Build a practice and repetition oriented training program.
  3. Deliver the training with high intensity focus on drills and coaching.
  4. Implement a follow-up process to deliver coaching over time to sustain results.
  5. Make project progress and results highly visible.

Some of our clients need a little help in some of these areas and many prefer us to do them all because of our speed and the difficulty of getting their internal training team to the same level of quality and intensity as Consilio trainers are.

Consilio Train the Trainer Program

Consilio has the ability to conduct what clients tell us is the best train the trainer preparation for interactive programs on topics like sales, customer service and coaching they’ve every been through. Most TTT programs focus 90% of their energy on program content and how to use the instructor manual. Consilio TTT training goes much further and transfers the best practices Consilio instructors use including:

  • How to use demonstrations more effectively.
  • Giving quick, crisp directions that sweep participants into action.
  • Repetition with drills and incremental challenges.
  • How to coach in a fast paced, repetition driven skills exercise.
  • Table discussions, brainstorming and debriefing effectively.
  • Opening, closing, transitions and motivation.
  • Using better stories to make key points that are memorable and motivational.
  • How to generate the kind of pace that Consilio programs need in order to work.

If you choose to deliver the Consilio program yourself and bring Consilio in to prepare your trainers, they will have the most demanding trainer coaching they’ve ever had and they will be very thankful for it. Coaching trainers is something we love to do and we’ve refined the process because we’ve spent so much time developing our own delivery teams. Check out middle management training too! It goes hand in hand with our train the trainer program. 

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