Adding the Missing Ingredient

The “Missing Ingredient” In Most Sales Training Programs

Simple – Rigorous coaching and practice.

The Consilio Team has been working in the sales consulting, training and coaching business since 1985.  Every year, sales training becomes more theoretical, analytical, technology oriented and discussion oriented.  Important topics are brainstormed, discussed, case studied, evaluated and put into elaborate planning models.  And, no doubt, there’s a place for this, especially in long cycle, complex sales.  However, what causes most sales people to fail has nothing to do with these topics.  The three most common (by far) causes of failure in sales are:

  • Not spending enough minutes speaking with people that have the capacity to buy a lot of your product/service
  • Not being able to communicate the most basic sales information in a convincing, compelling and credible way
  • Inability to direct a sales conversation in a consultative (rapport > discovery > solution) way that tailors products and services to real needs

Amazingly, every year, less and less training covers these topics.  We agree that elaborate account development and pipeline management models are interesting and intellectually stimulating as a training topic, but, unfortunately, they don’t move the needle nearly as much as the more fundamentals skills areas that more and more sales professionals do not possess.

Consilio has mastered the training and coaching processes to quickly and dramatically improve sales teams ability to verbalize the information that generates sales.  Our trainers are much more like Navy Seals Trainers/Coaches than the analytical trainers that lead most sales training program.  A Consilio training program feels more like a workout in a gym than an academic experience.  It’s challenging and participants MUST perform under pressure.  They learn to verbalize stuff that really matters like:

  • Their company’s competitive advantages
  • A value proposition that really works
  • An easy transition to start a sales conversation that projects professionalism, credibility and preparedness
  • Effective responses to objections that come up over and over
  • An answer to the questions many skeptical buyers ask such as:
    • Why should I do business with you?
    • What makes you better than your competitors?
    • Why should I schedule a meeting with you?
    • Why should I change from my current supplier?
  • How to ask great questions that drive the consultative sales process
  • How to turn information learned through great questions into highly tailored solutions and verbalize those solutions in a compelling and natural way
  • How to leave great voice mails that generate quick call backs
  • How to get past gatekeepers that prevent them from reaching decision makers
  • How to explain products and services in a powerful way

When a sales person has the verbal power to communicate these things with confidence, their sales results improve quickly.  Then, the more refined topics like account development, CRM utilization, and social media marketing will have more impact.  Consilio has fantastic account development programs as well, but 90% of the time, even with experienced sales teams, what they need is a rigorous coaching experience that really challenges them to up their game when it comes to verbalizing the basics.

We have found, over and over, that when sales managers actually watch live their people answer the question about competitive advantages they are astonished at how ineffective their people really are.   However, they are equally astonished at the quick progress they see as a result of the Consilio Training/Coaching approach.

Challenge us.  We’ll give you an offer you can’t refuse, no risk to you at all.  We guarantee all results.

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