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Strategic Thought Partners

So, what exactly IS a strategic thought partner in the business world?

Thought partnership is defined as a practice through which experience and ideas are shared with others to easily navigate through difficult challenges. Thus, a strategic thought partner in a business is someone whom you can pair up with to act as your soundboard. You resonate your different ideas with each other to expand on the intellectual capital in your organization and ask better questions, advance faster, as well as focus on priorities. 

There are various forms of thought partnership. There is thought partner consulting, as well as coaching. But it is also known for showing up in settings that are less formal, such as a colleague, mentor, or research buddy. 

Why Hire a Strategic Thought Partner from Consilio?

Thought partnership is related to solving and innovating real-time issues that require adaptation. A true strategic thought partner will be on the same level as you and bring diverse expertise and experience to the table. Hiring Consilio to be your thought partnership company will feel a lot like a supportive conversation with a like-minded peer. Having extensive experience with thought partnership, we are able to have empathy for your challenges and understand your environment. 

Thought partnership at Consilio aims at ensuring that your ideas and plans are ready for action and primed for implementation. Thus, you will not disappoint your superiors when you present these to them. In addition, we have a deep understanding of proven methodologies, as well as experience with building internal competencies. Hiring us will mean employing a thought partner for your entire team.

The Benefits of Having a Strategic Thought Partner

A strategic thought partner allows you to voice your thinking and then integrates it with research. This helps in the development of critical materials and plan to assist organizations in progressing. Below are several other benefits of entering into a thought partnership.

  1. You receive a plan which you can implement, as it is designed and developed by reliable people. Thus, a buy-in is ensured.
  2. You have access to top-notch analysis from thought partner consulting firms without having to break your bank. In addition, you do not have to pay for the addition of employees on a permanent contract.
  3. You have a team of smart employees who have previously received training in understanding the way your organization works. They are also familiar with strategic decisions, as well as trade-offs.

Things to Look for in a Strategic Thought Partner

It is the responsibility of a thought partnership company to ensure that they are able to engage around an opportunity, problem, topic, or idea. Therefore, your chosen strategic thought partner should be able to let the conversation flow. Here are a couple of other traits that your thought partner should possess.

  1. A thought partnership entails guidance. Thus, the right thought partner is able to provide direction to those who have been given transformational responsibilities to progress, plan, and learn the implementation. They assist in the generation of quick and sustainable results.
  2. They should be able to work alongside you to help you understand inclusion principles, best practices, change management, and governance.
  3. Thought partners must have the capacity to assist in the development of sustainable strategies.
  4. The right strategic thought partner will help in developing focused and effective teams.
  5. They ensure that you are able to understand your responsibilities in an organization, as well as lead and manage the process of change.
  6. Thought partners should have ample qualifications and certifications to guide you when it comes to sustaining momentum, communicating effectively, and developing your capabilities.
  7. The result of an effective strategic thought partnership ensures that you are able to effectively deal with and adapt to increasing change.

Thought Partnership FAQs

  • What can I bring to a strategic thought partnership?

There is no proper set of skills that you can bring to the table in a thought partnership. You need to first gain an understanding of your areas of expertise and your own thinking. Research on the different styles of thinking and find those that inspire you the most. Evaluate how your distinct perspective has an impact on the value that you can add.

  • How does a strategic thought partnership work?

Sustainable results are not achieved simply through the installation of tools. A balanced approach is required, which includes effective change and leadership management, development of respect, trust, and cooperation amongst all involved, as well as networking through the sharing of experiences.

  • Why should I hire a thought partner?

Simply put, a thought partner helps in the improvement of results, increasing the value of customers and shareholders, along with transforming the organization to help them become their best versions by using best practices and proven methodologies.

  • How can I be an effective thought partner?

As a strategic thought partner, you must be empathic, inventive, and intellectually flexible. Not being involved in interpersonal competition and staying away from daily politics offers you an impartial view of challenges. Thus, you can make use of these advantages to deliver valuable insight.

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