A hiring team meeting a qualified candidate after leadership learned skills to develop as a manager to attract the right candidates.

Skills to Develop as a Manager: Attracting The Right Candidates

Team building is one of the most critical skills to develop as a manager, but team building to improve the job performance of your entire organization is a different animal. Imagine if The Avengers recruited any average joe off the street. Not only would that movie be a dud, but the team would be ineffective at best. The key is to find the best candidates for the job. Should be easy, right? After all, premier talent grows on trees, and they are desperate for any ol’ organization to give them the time of day. Ok, maybe not. 

Still, the good news is that you can take measures to attract top talent. 

How can you attract the ideal candidates? 

By focusing on your employee value proposition, development and advancement opportunities, benefits and compensation packages, and company culture. Here is how to attract premier talent like moths to a flame.

Skills to Develop as a Manager: Improve Job Performance by Attracting the Right Candidates

An Effective Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

One of the most essential skills to develop as a manager is creating and communicating an Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Your EVP sets you apart from the competition. In a way, it’s like dating (with less heartbreak). 

What unique characteristics and features do you want to highlight? Reframing it this way can be helpful. For example, what do your employees enjoy most about your culture? What about salary, benefits, and stability in a volatile market? What do you bring to the table?

If you don’t know why people should be attracted to your organization, this signals a deeper issue. After all, if you wouldn’t date yourself, why should anyone else? Your EVP should be the central focus of your brand message and external communications. 

Advancement Opportunities

Top-performing employees are, by and large, ambitious. Most people don’t pursue positions if there is no opportunity for development and advancement. People happy with a dead end are likely content with sleeping in an alley (as far as their career goes, anyway). 

These are not candidates you want to hire. When you promote open positions, highlight these opportunities. Communicating this to interested candidates is one of the most important skills to develop as a manager to improve job performance across the board. 

This will guarantee you attract employees who want to grow within their roles and hone their skills. If your team isn’t growing and improving, neither is your organization.

Benefits, Perks, and Compensation

Top-performing candidates are typically aware of their value and expect great perks, (meaningful)​​ benefits, and compensation. Competitive packages are the bare minimum. In other words, you get what you pay for.  

Make sure your package is competitive in your location and industry. This should include salary, insurance, performance​​ bonuses, hybrid or flexible options to work from home, free food, and more. When people call someone the whole package, there’s a reason, and that’s how you want them to talk about your company.

Create A Strong Company Culture

We won’t lie to you: benefits and compensation are significant motivating factors for applicants. But this is far from the only motivator and is often not even the most important one. Benefits and salary might get them through the door; culture gets them to stay.  

Employees want to feel valued, heard, and connected to the company and their colleagues, and this begins with you and the work environment you offer candidates.

One reason establishing a strong company culture is one of the most vital skills to develop as a manager is it turns your employees into brand ambassadors. Culture ensures employees bring in other top performers to improve job performance across the board

It’s like that adage: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, and you feed him ​​for a lifetime. Constantly seeking out employees is an inefficient gamble, but if your employees love the culture and go fishing for you, the rewards are endless. 

Schedule a Consultation to Learn the Skills to Develop as a Manager to Attract Premier Talent

When your company is a well-oiled machine, and your culture is the object of desire across your industry, finding the premier talent to improve job performance for your entire company is like being a kid in a candy store. Unfortunately, without a clear EVP, advancement and development opportunities, competitive benefits and compensation package, and strong company culture, you’re more like a kid locked out of one. 

Building a company and culture that do the heavy lifting of recruiting for you is a skill you can learn with expert executive coaching services. At Consilio, we provide unrivaled leadership training, and we can help you create success on purpose by bringing in the perfect candidates for the job. Schedule a consultation to learn more. 

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