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Learn the Top Sales Tips for Beginners to Boost Your Sales Game in 2023

In films and TV, sales can seem like something that just happens. But salespeople are masters of their craft and have worked to refine their skills. For beginners, learning sales tips to hone these skills is essential to greater profits and career advancement. 

At Consilio, we have created sales training programs based on 10 years of research, interviews with thousands of top performers across industries, and over two decades of implementation with clients worldwide ranging from startups to Fortune 100s. 

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Important Sales Tips for Beginners in 2023

Sales is a fine art, and like all art forms, there is no cookie-cutter solution to mastering it. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tips you can learn from to improve your skills and gain more confidence. From doing your homework on prospects to active listening, here are the top tips for beginners that you and your team can hone in premier sales training programs:

Do Your Homework and Know Your Clients

One of the most important sales tips beginners need to keep in mind is to always do your homework and build a rapport with clients. Start by researching competitors to understand what sets you apart (but never criticize them to prospects.)

“We teach a process called ‘strategic rapport.’  This is where you go out on LinkedIn and other online tools to research your prospect and learn about where they went to school, their career path, areas of interest, and things like that. You will likely find something in common you can bring up in the meeting. Like, ‘I noticed you went to Alabama State. My niece just got accepted there. Did you have a good experience?’ This strategy is a great way to open up the conversation and direct it to something you can relate to. The better the rapport with someone, the more receptive they are to your ideas and discovery questions.”Stacey McKibben, CEO of Consilio.

Still, sales are, ultimately, about people and human connection. Thoroughly research your market and understand your client’s needs and pain points to craft a sales presentation that speaks to them and helps you sell more effectively.  

“Our definition of sales is professionally helping other people to make great buying decisions. People love to buy, but they hate to be sold to. So don’t sell! Create a dialogue where you uncover their actual needs. Not just what they tell you they want. Recommend a product or service that solves and addresses that particular need. Which by the way, may not be your product or service. Refer to a trusted advisor. Someone who will recommend another product or service because it’s the right one for the situation. Our previous company before we rebranded Consilio was R3, which stood for the right product, to the right person, at the right time.” – Stacey.

If possible, research each prospect to gain an advantage at the negotiating table. Also, make sure you’re selling to the right people. Pitching to people with no buying power is time wasted.

But remember that your job is not done just because you closed a sale. Always follow up to ensure they are happy, ask about future needs, and nurture that relationship for future business.

“Doing your homework should also involve obtaining deep product knowledge. You are the ambassador of this product. This knowledge instills more confidence in salespeople and enables them to provide clear, reliable advice, convey the product’s value, and answer any questions or concerns the customer might have.” – Stacey. 

Sell With Urgency and Confidence

One of the most important sales tips to keep in mind is to sell with urgency and confidence. Offers like limited-time deals and promotions persuade customers to pull the trigger, especially if they’re already sold on what you’re selling. 

Urgency is often overlooked in sales coaching for beginners. The longer a client waits to decide if they want to purchase a product, the higher the chances of abandoning it altogether. The difference-maker is projecting (and maintaining) confidence throughout.

“The secret sauce is striking a balance between the two. Sell with urgency, but maintain your confidence and composure. You don’t want to come across as desperate. Instead, show customers they’ll lose if they don’t take immediate action. It’s kind of like dating – you want to woo the prospect, and just like a potential partner, they can smell desperation a mile away.” – Stacey. 

Sell the Solution (Without Being Pushy)

We mentioned that you want to sell with urgency, but that doesn’t mean being pushy. One of the most important sales tips is to strive to be persuasive while respecting boundaries. People don’t like when you ignore their rejections or pressure them into buying something. 

Look at our product specific discovery questions for some help.

This evokes the opposite of what you want from customers. You won’t make every sale. Never take it personally. Being forceful can hurt your reputation and cost you business down the line if they end up needing your product but remember a bad experience. 

Potential clients should be excited about the product. Resistance from clients is natural, and learning how to navigate it while persuasively (and respectfully) addressing their concerns is crucial. To help with this, sell the solution instead of the product.

“Customers want to know how a product will enhance their lives in the immediate future. Identify the customer’s pain points and explain how your product will solve their specific problem.” – Stacey.

Listen Actively

Sales require a lot of communication, from emails to phone calls to sitting down at the negotiating table. But one of the most valuable sales tips is learning to listen. As a rule of thumb, try to listen more than you speak and be present during conversations. 

“Salespeople need to master active listening. You shouldn’t be talking at your customer. Learning how to pick up on non-verbal cues, like eye contact or body language, and verbal affirmations is essential to building trust and creating real relationships with customers.” – Stacey.

Sales Training Programs that Improve Performance

Sales require constant work to refine and improve your game. For beginners, incorporating the most effective sales tips and practices as soon as possible will streamline your success and have you selling like a seasoned veteran. At Consilio, we offer premier sales coaching for rookies and vets alike that improve performance and maximize profits. Our Talk Me Up A.I. Software is also a great way to practice your sales skills in a safe place and get feedback on your levels of influence, persuasion, energy, eye contact, tone, and more. 

If you are ready to create success on purpose, schedule a consultation and to reserve your spot in our sales lab on July 11th. For more information about how our sales training programs take the guesswork out of success, visit our Sales Training page and register today. 

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