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How Can Your Business Benefit from Outsourced Leadership Training?

The leaders in your company have a far-reaching impact on every aspect of your business. They set the tone. Because of this, outsourced leadership training is essential because you are bringing in experts at developing leaders to ensure that tone aligns with your company’s values and goals.

At Consilio, we have created leadership training programs based on 10 years of research, interviews with thousands of top performers across industries, and over two decades of implementation with clients worldwide ranging from startups to Fortune 50s, like Google and AT&T. 

How Businesses Benefit from Outsourced Leadership Training

Outsourced leadership development offers a range of benefits to businesses that yield long-term gains. The benefits of leadership training include: 

Still, this is just scratching the surface. Professional training ensures your trainers have the expertise and resources to reduce costs, streamline the process, and provide effective coaching. Read on to learn more. 


A crucial benefit of outsourced leadership training is the expertise these trainers bring to your organization. 

When you partner with a professional leadership development company, they bring in external expertise that would otherwise be unavailable on your payroll. These companies will have specially trained professionals who thoroughly understand your industry.

These trainers also understand the roadblocks your team will face, such as challenges in learning material, and they will be able to help navigate and overcome them. These programs will provide access to professionals with diverse talents, like:

  • Instructional designers
  • Project managers
  • Neuroscience specialists
  • Visual designers
  • Education specialists
  • Training management professionals
  • Performance consultants
  • Program developers

“Training requires objectivity and a special set of skills especially for ‘adult learners.’ These trainers have the experience and skillset to help your team achieve your desired outcome. In other words, just because you can lead doesn’t mean you can teach leadership. These are two very different things.” – Stacey McKibbin, Consilio CEO. 

Reduced Costs

One major benefit of outsourced leadership training is that it reduces costs. Businesses often assume that hiring a trainer will be a bigger strain on their budget.

The truth is that the in-house expenses will likely eclipse what you would have spent on outsourced leadership development. Crafting an effective training program requires resources many companies don’t have readily available.

You will need to invest in materials and tools, like a learning management system, and ensure they are user-friendly, accessible, and accommodate your team’s unique needs. This also ensures you receive the most current training and resources available.

“You will need to purchase or develop learning materials and recruit and assemble in-house training talent to create your program. Still, even after you have invested in both, there’s no way to know if the program will be effective and the investment was worthwhile, which could result in sunk cost. In fact, most underestimate by 10-fold the amount of time, energy, and effort it takes to train adult learners on new skills.” – Stacey McKibbin.

Speed and Efficiency

Outsourced leadership training is also faster and significantly more efficient. Creating one of these courses in-house requires investing more than resources, it’s an investment of time.

After you have selected the people you want to nurture into leaders and have committed to training them, it can take months for the training to get underway. If you are new to creating materials, this will only elongate the process.

Professional leadership coaches have the experience and materials at hand to achieve faster turnaround times, a faster workflow, and thereby faster results. The business landscape can change in the blink of an eye, so waiting is not an option. 

“Think about slow economic times. In times like these, you don’t have the luxury of waiting 6 months or more before you realize an ROI. This reminds me of the story about a manufacturing plant that ground to a halt due to an issue with one of the production machines. The issue on the surface seemed minor and easy to fix – a loose screw. But the problem was that no one except the mechanic knew exactly which screw to turn and how hard to tighten it. When hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line, having the expertise to quickly and effectively address the issue is priceless.” – Stacey McKibbin  

One final consideration is scalability. Your training needs will fluctuate with the market and organizational changes, like new products or locations. As a result, you will need to scale your training, which will take even more time without an expert leadership coach. 

Premier Outsourced Leadership Training for Businesses

Outsourced leadership training offers endless benefits, and high-quality training programs ensure you maximize your return on investment. Failing to provide the best training exposes your company to the risk that those you develop aren’t ready to take on the role. 

At Consilio, we offer premier leadership development programs. If you are ready to create success on purpose, schedule a consultation. For more information about our leadership training programs, visit our Leadership Training Page and register today.

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