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How To Train Remote Employees Effectively As A Manager

In the modern landscape, learning how to train remote employees is essential to success. Regardless of how far apart you may be from your employees and how far apart they may be from each other, helping them develop is crucial for performance and morale. Distance doesn’t have to be an obstacle if you focus on the people aspect of your role. As a manager, you’re responsible for the development of your employees.

It’s like how plants grow. Sunlight, water, and soil are vital to helping them flourish. The company culture and relationships you establish will be the soil they grow in. But the sun isn’t right next to the plants it nourishes and helps blossom, and the clouds that shower plants aren’t hovering right above them. The sun is 92.295 million miles away, and the clouds are 60,000 feet above, so managers have no excuse. 

At Consilio, we have been providing expert training for managers and employees in San Diego for decades, and our results speak for themselves. Allow us to lend our expertise to help, and read our blog below:

An Expert Guide On How to Train Remote Employees

Providing training for remote workers requires some preparation and learning. From choosing the right training model to investing in tools and tracking results, effective training requires due diligence. Here are our expert insights. 

Choose The Right Training Model

When determining how to train remote employees, the first step is to choose the right remote employee training delivery model. 

Is your team small enough to have them all do training activities simultaneously? Or do you want learners to be able to access training materials and communicate with each other at their own pace? 

“This is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Different people learn better in different ways. We generally advise using more of a blended approach. Think about it like this: If a dog and a bird are trying to get to the same place, it doesn’t matter if they run or fly there, as long as they get there,Stacey McKibbin, CEO at Consilio, explained.

People do not develop in isolation, and one of the biggest challenges surrounding remote work is social isolation. Human connection is essential to all training, especially with remote workers. Create a connection and show them how much you care.

Make an Effective Schedule

Another component of learning how to train remote employees is creating an effective schedule. Never forget that your people are just that: they’re people

People need a consistent and clear schedule for training that considers their personal needs. Especially in remote environments, employees often work in different time zones, so we advise on-demand training.

You’ll generally see better results when you create a schedule that ensures everyone has access to learning. To help ease people into training, we advise starting with an orientation. 

Your people need to know the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of your training before it even begins. 

Invest in Tools and Support Your People

The key to understanding how to train remote employees effectively is understanding they need support. 

To combat the feeling of alienation that can take shape among remote workers, pair employees with mentors to offer guidance, support, and a real human connection during the process. 

Take full advantage of the technology available to you, and remember that face-to-face relationships are crucial, so ensure employees get face time with you and each other. Investing in remote employee training tools and supporting them is essential.

Your employees need to know they can get help if needed and that you value them. We also recommend making mobile-first courses. Do as much as you can to minimize technical challenges for your employees. 

Invest in the necessary tools, like conferencing and webinar platforms, a learning management system, and eLearning tools to author your lessons. Another obstacle for people undergoing training for remote employees is distractions. 

“There will be distractions that weren’t there before. Maybe your employees have kids, roommates, or a partner who is also home. Or maybe they don’t have a great home office setup. You need to put yourself in their shoes,” Stacey added.

Go the extra mile to set them up for success. Stay online for them, offer regular check-ins, and find different ways to engage learners, like certificates and rewards. Also, establish a support process and have someone available to help with technical challenges. 

Prepare Materials and Track Results

Finally, to learn how to train remote employees, you have to prepare learning materials. Do you need worksheets? Videos? Powerpoint presentations? Simulations? Include quick bites of information in your training for remote employees as a type of microlearning. 

After all, your people are juggling work and personal responsibilities. Good management is caring about your people and accommodating their needs. Finally, set realistic goals and track results. What you track, ultimately, depends on your needs.

Get Manager Training to Learn How to Train Remote Employees

Managers must create the conditions their employees need to blossom and flourish. When planting a garden, for example, you have to make sure your plants get enough water and sunlight to thrive, and the same goes for learning how to train remote employees. Luckily, we can help with remote employee training. We’ll make your team more than just a garden; they will be a harvest of contentment and success. 

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