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How to Engage Remote Employees with Executive Coaching in San Diego

As we navigate the new normal of society in the wake of the pandemic, remote work has become more common in our society. A challenge many managers now face involves bringing employees together, even though they are physically farther apart, which requires an understanding of how to engage remote employees. 

Easy enough, right? Emails. Texts. Video calls. Slack channels. (Sometimes mind-numbing) Zoom meetings. Memes, GIFs, and the occasional Tik Tok. Instant communication no matter how many miles separate workers. You get the point. But let’s put it this way: 

In a long-distance relationship, texting, video calls, and the works are the bare minimum. Being a healthy, thriving couple requires much, much more. And engaging remote workers is no different. Don’t worry. This isn’t exactly couples counseling, but our blog post about executive coaching in San Diego will help reignite the spark with your team in no time. Let’s explore more. 

Skills to Develop as a Manager: How to Engage Remote Employees

Communication, Communication, Communication

Did we mention communication? Because it’s pretty important. 

Make no mistake about it: Communication is one of the most essential skills to develop as a manager when understanding how to engage employees. Keeping your employees in the loop is important because remote workers can easily feel isolated. This requires daily effort: 

  • Daily check-ins to gauge how your team is feeling
  • Acknowledging good work
  • Providing all of the important details
  • Transparency
  • Active listening
  • Ongoing dialogues

Remember: Communication is a two-way street. Ask them for insights and feedback, too. Don’t sacrifice a collaborative culture because employees aren’t in the same room. 

Imagine being in a long-distance relationship and your partner only giving sporadic updates. Barely checking in. Not asking how you’re doing. That’s how chemistry fades, and that’s how engagement wilts. 

Setting Clear Expectations and Standards

Setting clear standards is an important part of learning how to engage remote employees because it will motivate them more to meet your expectations.

If employees need to be online during specific hours, make that crystal clear. If you need a daily report of their activities, let them know. But this doesn’t mean you should start every day intent on laying down the law.

“Be patient and accommodating,” Consilio CEO, Stacey McKibbin explained, “Not every employee has the perfect remote setup. Help them establish it, give them the tools they need to succeed, and encourage them to take time off if needed. Too often, managers overcompensate when managing remote employees because they can’t be there in person.”

Work-Life Balance

Encouraging and supporting your team in creating a healthy work-life balance is crucial when considering how to engage remote employees. Remote employees often feel the lines start to blur between their home life and work because it all takes place in the same spot, and this can make them think they need to be available 24/7, creating stress and burnout. 

Set boundaries. Encourage them to step away and disengage. This sounds counterintuitive, but it’s one of the most important skills to develop as a manager that our executive coaching in San Diego teaches.

Get Executive Coaching in San Diego to Learn How to Engage Remote Employees

When your team works remotely, engagement is more important than ever because it is all too easy to feel isolated. To truly engage each employee and bring them together, no matter how far apart your incredible team may be, knowing how to engage remote employees is essential. Luckily, executive coaching in San Diego at Consilio can teach you everything you need to know, and more! 

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