What is Employee Engagement and Remote Working?

Remote working is becoming the new norm. The coronavirus pandemic is the main reason people began working from home, but despite the fact that the number of cases is dwindling, more and more companies are giving their employees permission to work remotely.

However, since employees are not coming to the office to work alongside their peers, they are starting to feel less connected and engaged. This can harm performance and productivity. Therefore, engaging with remote employees is a surefire way to make your team as efficient as they would be when coming to the office. 

Why Opt for the Team at Consilio to Engage Remote Employees?

In order to ensure the success of their organizations, leaders have to take steps towards a seamless employee experience. They have to make room for their workers to perform to the best of their abilities, which requires strategic insight. This is where Consilio comes in.

Consilio offers feedback options related to employees to make sure that they are connected to the organization. Thus, we provide flexible and fast digital solutions to allow you to gain the timely and meaningful insight needed to make informed decisions. 

Whether you need worker listening solutions or digital focus groups, we work alongside your team and ensure that you receive guidance well beyond raw data. With our help, you can make informed strategic decisions and take action. Here are a couple of services that we use to help businesses figure out how to engage remote employees.

  • Surveys related to company culture
  • Surveys related to employee exit
  • Online focus groups
  • Training, coaching, and workshops
  • Surveys related to onboarding

Ways to Engage Remote Employees

Engaging with remote employees is not a difficult task if you do it right. Moreover, it provides you with favorable results, which are worth it at the end of the day. Here are several ways that will tell you how to engage remote employees and keep them motivated.

Encourage their health

The health of your employees should be one of the top priorities on your list. If they fall ill, their quality of work is likely to decline. Therefore, you can create opportunities for your workers that would take them outside, help them adapt to exercise, or whip up a decent meal. 

In order to show that you care about your employees, you can also start your own wellness programs, such as 15 days of yoga or 30 days of daily runs. Doing so will not only boost the health of your workers but connect them as well. It will let them know that you genuinely care about the well-being of all those who are employed at your organization.

Host casual hangouts and virtual meetings

All remote teams stay in touch by maintaining a regular line of communication through email, instant messaging, video calls, and web conferencing. If you want to motivate your workers to make an efficient collaborative effort, you will want to hold a video or voice conference. Use tools for collaboration and communication, such as Slack, Trello, and Hangouts, to make their lives easier. 

Ensure your employees feel valued

It does not matter if they are working at a distance; all employees should feel valued and appreciated. You may not be at the office every day to say a little thank you or invite your workers out for lunch, but you should try to find quick and easy ways to show them that you appreciate all the effort they put in for you. 

Forge personal bonds

Engaging with remote employees further includes fostering personal bonds with them. You may want to be professional but remember, these workers are human and have good and bad days. As a leader, it is your job to keep an eye on their weaknesses, strengths, and interests to connect with them in a better manner. 

Stay accessible

Remote employees often have to work during nontraditional hours, making it difficult to communicate with their team. Consequently, they start to feel out of touch. While you cannot expect anyone to be available throughout the day, you can stay connected through digital means so that your employees can have access to you and their team members. 


Why is it important to engage remote employees?

It is believed that the greater the levels of engagement, the more productive a worker will be. Thus, remote employee engagement can maximize the satisfaction and performance of the employees. 

How can remote employee engagement be improved?

There are various ways that you can use to further enhance the engagement of your remote employees.

  • Ask for feedback and make your workers feel heard.
  • Recognize the contributions made by your employees by providing incentives.
  • Let your employees know about the important development within and outside the organization, which could have an impact on their day-to-day.

How can remote employees work together successfully?

The following tips will help you align the remote employees in your team.

  • Setting clear expectations and goals.
  • Embracing varying viewpoints and cultural differences.
  • Using tools to automate the tasks of management.
  • Supporting distributed teams.
  • Setting clear guidelines for communication.

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