A team taking a professional training program after their leaders learned how to do an effective sales training.

How to Do an Effective Sales Training

Sales is a competitive industry. From rivalries with other sales teams to learning how to win at the negotiating table, your team needs every advantage, especially when the economy is unstable. The only way to gain this leverage is through sales training programs. For this reason, knowing how to do an effective sales training can give you the upper hand. 

Just like in football, sales is a game of inches, and being even one inch ahead of your competition is enough to win the game. At Consilio, we offer a sales training program that puts you leagues ahead of other competitors. We have transformed countless company sales teams, from bootstrap startups to Fortune 100s, into championship-caliber material.

What is a Sales Training?

Before we get into how to do an effective sales training, let’s address what sales training is. Just like successful athletes never stop going to the gym or working on their fundamentals, even in the off-season, your sales team needs to do the same. 

A sales training program, essentially, is the process of improving your sales teams’ skills, knowledge, and attributes to drive seller behavioral changes, close more deals, and maximize your profits. When everyone “gets their reps in,” the entire team will succeed, making sales training programs more than worth it. 

“In sales, the landscape and tactics constantly change. Think about it this way: in the NFL, the five years leading up to the 2023 season featured some of the most explosive and high-powered offensive performances in recent memory. As a result, defenses adjusted and slowed them down this year. The teams that have succeeded and continued to put up points this season did the same. Just like the teams in the league, your sales team should always be going back to the drawing board and making adjustments, and sales training facilitates that.”

– Stacey McKibbin, CEO, Consilio

How to Do an Effective Sales Training?

The most successful sales training programs share a few similar elements. Your sales coaching program should:

  • Help your sales team retain what they learn
  • Be efficient and scalable
  • Be tailored to your unique sales goals
  • Enable your team to continuously learn
  • Coach for situations they will encounter every day in the field
  • Provide a mix of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on roleplaying
  • Provide opportunities to learn from anywhere when they have time

What is the Most Effective Method of Sales Force Training?

To get the best results from sales training, you have to bring in an expert. 

If you’re coaching up NFL-caliber players, would you go to the gym and bring in a random personal trainer or try to do it yourself after watching a few YouTube videos? No, you’re going to hire the people who have coached and developed the top 1% of the top 1%. 

For sales leaders, it’s easy to think you’re the best-equipped person for the job to teach others what you know. But the fact of the matter is that’s rarely the case. Your sales greatness might actually get in the way of being able to effectively teach. 

“Just because you’re great at something doesn’t mean you can teach it. The other day, I was watching the Lakers play the Mavericks, and the commentators made a great point about why Lebron James would probably not want to take on a coaching role. The great ones see things the average person doesn’t—it’s what makes Lebron a GOAT. But they often simply expect others to see the game the way they do, and won’t necessarily know how to communicate what they say. That’s why you need a professional coach who can come in and build up your team. A professional understands this and will help them obtain that same vision.”

– Stacey McKibbin, CEO, Consilio

At Consilio, we offer a sales training program to develop your team and boost your sales game, and we have the track record to back it up. Our program contains all the elements of a great sales training course. We will:

  • Take the time to understand your needs
  • Build a rapport with your people
  • Provide a framework to uncover a buyer’s situation before presenting solutions
  • Tailor solutions to your industry, client-types, business, and sales team
  • Demonstrate how to use client profiles to present solutions that cater to their unique needs
  • Explain the difference between resolving and addressing concerns to move sales forward
  • Teach how to navigate all phases of the closing process 

Are You Ready to Create Success On Purpose? Let Us Develop Your Team into a Championship-Caliber Squad!

The bottom line is that effective sales training will benefit your bottom line. Bring in a professional with a proven track record of coaching up the current MVPs taking your industry by storm. At Consilio, that’s precisely what we offer.

What would you do with a 23% increase in sales? We can help you find out. Visit our Sales Training page to schedule a consultation and turn your team into sales GOATs!

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