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The Future of Work in 2023: Insights From a Strategic Thought Partner

Life comes at you fast. If you asked people pre-pandemic if the workforce would transition to remote work within a few years, they might call you crazy. (Though we like to think people say that kinda thing about all great thinkers.) Still, the pandemic reinforced three universal truths: 1. The world will inevitably change, 2. We have little to no influence over how it changes, and 3. When the world changes, we must adapt, which requires executive coaching from a strategic thought partner

Adapting to changing conditions is evolution. You either change with the world, or it leaves you behind. Which could sound scary if you don’t reframe it as an opportunity to, well, evolve. Embrace this as an opportunity to bring the workforce out of caves and into cities. Since the dawn of time, the world has challenged humans to evolve. And when they do, amazing things happen. That’s how we invented the wheel and fire. That’s how we grew from landlines to mobile phones. Now it’s your chance to help employees evolve from surviving work to thriving in it. Read our blog to learn 2023 work predictions:

2023 Work Predictions from a Strategic Thought Partner

Burnout Will, Well, Burnout

Burnout has been treated like a badge of honor, but bragging about burnout will be less prevalent. We have a limited bandwidth of cognitive energy. Welcoming burnout is like dinosaurs welcoming an asteroid with open arms.

“In 2022, public figures like Elon Musk served as a real-time cautionary tale of how not to lead through their burnout-influenced decision-making mayhem, and we expect a domino effect. Eliminating burnout will reduce stress and eliminate things like quiet quitting,” Stacey McKibbin, CEO and strategic thought partner at Consilio, explained.

Chief People Officers Will Step Up to the Plate

In the past, CEOs and CFOs were responsible for breaking news during watershed moments. An interesting byproduct of the pandemic has been the emergence of Chief People Officers (CPOs), breaking big news for companies. 

CPOs will continue to manage present conditions and lead organizations into the future to prevent companies from going the way of the dodo bird. 

“As we enter an era of digital transformation reshaping the modern workforce, these people are more important than ever to address these concerns and bring your workforce into the modern age,” Stacey explained. 

Like their title suggests, CPOs respond to a company’s people needs, like mental health, engagement, retention, and burnout. Any strategic thought partner would agree: These first responders will only become more essential as people’s needs become a bigger focus. 

The Human Energy Revolution Will Be Supercharged

Human beings are not robots. We don’t have batteries, and we can’t plug ourselves in every night to recharge and achieve peak performance the following day. 

Peak performance often has little to do with work, and organizations will start understanding that in 2023. Like the survival of the fittest is about more than simply not dying, performance is about more than just the workplace and getting enough sleep. 

Getting the best from your people requires revolving their work around their health, well-being, relationships, passions, and what makes them happy. The center of gravity must shift to who employees are as people, not just workers,” Stacey elaborated. 

Mental Health, Wellness, and Culture Will Be Top Priorities

During the pandemic, many companies responded to challenges their employees faced by expanding mental health and wellness initiatives. In 2023, every strategic thought partner would agree, leaders will create community and purpose for their company.

“What became clear is uncertain times are when companies need to tend to their employees’ mental health and wellness. Companies cannot abandon their employees when they need the most support. This will be the year of resilience, cultural transformation, and retention,” Stacey elaborated. 

Work With A Strategic Thought Partner Now to Address Changes in 2023 Head-On with Executive Coaching

In 2023, the world will do what it does every year; it will change whether we want it to or not. The difference between success and failure for companies will boil down to how well they adapt to changes and accommodate their people. This is, ultimately, why working with a strategic thought partner and receiving executive coaching is critical. 

Controlling the way your company adapts and evolves is controlling your destiny. If you are ready to create success on purpose and stay a few steps ahead of the changing world, schedule a consultation.

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