A manager meeting with two employees and interacting with them based on their DiSC assessments results to maximize employee growth.

Fostering Employee Growth Using DiSC Assessments

Nurturing employee growth is like growing different plants in a garden. Imagine you want to grow cacti and roses – they have unique properties and qualities but require different environments to flourish. The same is true of your people. Using DiSC assessments, you can ensure your employees have the right conditions to flourish and realize their full potential. 

At Consilio, we have worked with companies, from startups to Fortune 100s, and empowered them to maximize employee development using DiSC insights. Learn why this assessment is an invaluable component of effective leadership training for managers.

How to Foster Employee Growth Using DiSC Assessments

DiSC insights are a great tool to promote employee development and should be an integral part of all leadership training for managers. Read on to learn what this assessment is, how to use it for effective management, and why they are essential in training.

What Are DiSC Assessments?

DiSC assessments are behavioral assessment tools that define how a person responds to challenges and prefers to communicate and work with others. 

DiSC tests help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace by breaking up personalities into four core profiles to help managers understand their and their employee’s strengths and weaknesses and improve self-awareness:

  • Dominance: Those who are more confident, strong-willed, fast-paced, results-driven, and goal-oriented.
  • influence: Those who are more open and prioritize relationships and influencing others.
  • Steadiness: Those who are dependable and emphasize cooperation, sincerity, and maintaining the status quo. 
  • Conscientiousness: Those who prioritize quality, accuracy, expertise, and competency.

Using DiSC Insights to Manage More Effectively

Using DiSC assessments can be your secret weapon to improving management, nurturing employee growth, and realizing greater collective success. Management boils down to communicating and building relationships with your people, which is a two-way street. 

DiSC insights reveal how you best communicate and work to improve the self-awareness of your limitations and strengths. They also help you understand how employees best work so you can tailor your style to each team member to bring out the best in them by:

  • Understanding what motivates them
  • Optimizing communication
  • Depersonalizing conflict for better resolutions
  • Capitalizing on each employee’s unique strengths
  • Ensuring the right people are in the right roles

“Recently, I wanted to give feedback to a compliant personality. I knew that unsolicited feedback was likely going to create resistance and the desire to explain to me why they did what they did. To mitigate their defensiveness, I simply told the person ahead of time that I planned to observe their training and provide feedback on 3 areas, and then I listed them off. This way, when I gave the feedback and coaching, they were already expecting it. Surprisingly, they not only sought me out to get the feedback after the fact, but they also thanked me for doing it. That’s DiSC at its finest!” – Stacey McKibbin, Consilio CEO

Using DiSC Assessments in Leadership Training for Managers

Incorporating DiSC insights is essential for effective leadership training for managers because it helps them understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to adjust their style to each employee to maximize growth and development. 

Premier leadership coaching enables managers to identify specific team behavioral styles using DiSC assessments, identify their own profiles, and understand what leadership styles are most effective in a given situation.  

“Imagine you are a manager and need someone who is going to run meetings effectively. DiSC assessments help you to identify who is a good fit for the role…for example, a High D will keep it on track for time and ensure decisions get made.  A high S will make sure everyone feels heard and supported, by contrast.  The biggest thing to take away is that we have natural tendencies…DISC makes it a lot easier to align roles with our natural selves.  It’s a win-win for everyone when that happens.” – Stacey 

Not all employees are the same, so managers must understand how to respond to the unique behavioral cues, communication preferences, and priorities that motivate them to actualize employee growth. DiSC assessments enable your managers to:

  • Foster better communication and conflict resolution
  • Establish the use of a common, objective language to influence behavior
  • Build more cohesive and productive teams
  • Maximize the strengths and growth of individual team members
  • Ensure the right people are in the positions 

Get Leadership Training for Managers that Help Nurture Employee Growth

Leaders are like gardeners; it is their responsibility to provide the right conditions and nourishment to foster employee growth. While your employees seldom verbalize what they need to thrive, it’s still written all over them. The biggest hurdle is deciphering it, which DiSC insights enable managers to do. 

Visit our DiSC Assessments page to take this test and learn how to maximize employee development with premier leadership training for managers.

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