Insights - effective and rigorous coaching culture

Elements Of An Effective And Rigorous “Coaching Culture”

In far too many companies, when we really examine what the people designated as “coaches” do, what we really find is:

  • Very little coaching in terms of skills development and training actually happens
  • Most coaching time is really spent talking about goals, problems areas inhibiting results and trying to motivate team members. This simply is not what coaching truly is.
  • Many managers that are supposed to be coaching truly believe they are too busy to spend much time coaching. Other tasks they have are believed to be more important.
  • The Managers/Executives that the front line Coaches report to are rarely insistent that effective coaching takes place. They don’t inspect much of what they expect and, often, are not very good at coaching themselves.
  • Coaching training focuses way too much on team building and goal setting and not nearly enough on how to use customer interaction drills and repetition with the team to raise skill levels
  • Most Managers have never reported to a good coach so they’ve never experienced what it’s like to be on a team that is rigorously coached

Consilio can change this fast.  We have worked with many companies that are serious about the customer, the sales process and how their people interact with customers.  We have coached their coaches to break their bad habits that often discourage and de-motivate team members.  We train them on how to handle resistant and difficult employees.  Coaches learn how to use drills, meetings and feedback to get better results than endlessly gazing into data screens.


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