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Are Sales Training Programs Worth It in 2023?

Many people enter the sales industry as a way to make a living using their personality and natural charisma. Some people were just born to be salespeople, and many think they don’t need sales training programs because they’ve had success when business was booming. While natural gifts may have been enough in a thriving economy, economic uncertainty changes the playing field. 

At Consilio, we have been helping sales teams reach their full potential for years. In 2023, the stakes are raised, and the margin for error is shrinking, which is when championship-caliber teams refine their skills and rise to the occasion.

“Revenue hides all sins. The last few years have rained revenue. Frankly, there was more business than could be handled. A lot of industries flourished from the rise in consumer spending, which has made sales more of an ‘order-taking’ position. Today, as pursestrings get tighter and we feel the uncertainty of the economy settling in, it’s less about ‘order taking’ and more about hunting and farming again. You have to dust off your skills. So is this training worth it?  It’s not only worth it; it’s necessary,” said Stacey McKibben, CEO of Consilio. 

The Value of Sales Training Programs in 2023

We cannot say it enough – what’s the difference maker when a team builds a dynasty? Of course, talent matters, but it comes down to training. All the talent in the world is useless if you never tap into your team’s full potential. 

Sales training programs provide extremely valuable guidance to your team that help close more deals, boost morale, improve communication, and more. Learn why why sales coaching programs matter in 2023:

Your Team Will Close More Deals

When you think about what separates championship teams from teams that came up short, the difference is, honestly, simple. Championship teams scored more points. Period.

For businesses, closing deals and generating profits are the points you score in this arena. Sales training programs empower your team to close more deals to edge out the competition, even as clients tighten budgets.

“Part of closing deals is understanding the ins and outs of your products and services. Sales training programs will show your people the importance of knowing these products like the back of their hands, and we can personalize our training to help them better understand your products. Think about it – even if a coach draws up the perfect play, if the players executing it don’t understand the intent and weakness it’s attacking, you’re putting a ceiling on how effective it can be. Training ensures your team understands everything so they operate like a well-oiled machine and can march down the field and score with ease, no matter who’s on the other side of the ball,” explained Stacey. 

Even for veteran salespeople, there is no harm in reskilling and retraining. After all, the great ones go back to the drawing board to constantly improve. Sales coaching will increase efficiency and productivity across the board (and put more points on the board!) 

Communication and Relationship-Building

Communication and relationship-building are some of the most important tools at your sales team’s disposal. Sales training programs will help them learn how to better build relationships with clients. 

Your salespeople must learn to really listen, use the right tone of voice, and leverage body language to succeed in this field. Differentiating your solutions and aligning them with your customer’s needs is a fine art that sales coaching will help your team master. 

“In other words, sales coaching is how you clean up and improve mechanics. Because, remember, mechanics are what separate the all-star performers from the others. And these are the people who will drive success,” offered Stacey.

Honing these skills will help more than professional relationships; it will also help your team communicate and work better together. Sales is like football. It’s a team sport. Your team must communicate and rely on (and trust) each other to win.

Sales Training Programs Boost Morale

Winning teams have a winning culture. That culture is what separates the championship contenders from the others, which is what sales training programs offer.

These programs create a sense of unity and a cohesive sense of culture. More importantly, it ensures everyone is on the same page and is working toward the same goal. By investing in your talent and business, you help them achieve their full potential, which boosts morale. 

When your people see their peers become better versions of themselves – on and off the clock – they will want to continue to improve, too, which often results in smashing and exceeding company goals and retaining top talent.

“You see it all the time in sports. People join winning franchises because they want to win a ring. Period. Which boils down to joining a winning culture, which sales coaching will ingrain in your team, added Stacey.

Premier Sales Training Programs 

With looming economic uncertainty, your people must be the best versions of themselves to close more deals and enjoy more wins. Ultimately, the only way to help your people reach their full potential is through expert training and support, which are, after all, at the heart of most winning teams. At Consilio, we provide the premier sales coaching that can help your team hit their goals or even turn an underperforming franchise around.
If you are ready to create success on purpose and stay a few steps ahead of the changing world, schedule a consultation.

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