No two companies are alike. And developing your team’s sales, customer service, and leadership skills can be challenging – especially when off-the-shelf training programs don’t meet your organization’s unique needs.

Training and developing your organization’s people effectively starts with understanding those differences. From there, you can craft programs that refine and improve your organization’s processes and best practices.

The Consilio team knows how to train sales and leadership teams because we’ve been in their shoes. Our facilitators bring a mix of rigorous education and practical experience across a myriad of industries to our approach.

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The Consilio Process

Consilio combines modern personnel assessment technology with time-tested, results-focused sales training. We help individuals understand their communication styles, recognize and adapt to other personalities, and use that knowledge to develop empathetic and effective communication skills.

With Consilio’s five-step process, you’ll get a fully customized training curriculum built for your unique business needs, delivered in a way that allows your teams to apply the learnings as soon as the session is over.

Vision + Kickoff

Stakeholders meet to review the project plan and confirm desired outcomes. We’ll schedule discovery activities and discuss our communication strategy to keep everyone on the same page.


  • Clear project outcomes and timelines
  • Alignment of key stakeholders


Consilio gathers examples and best practices from key SMEs to build your training content. We’ll also identify skill gaps and key interactions to address during the training sessions.


  • A library of examples, scenarios, transferable best practices and success stories
  • A custom course map and curriculum for the program


Consilio will develop custom process flows, job aids, templates and more for your employees. Case studies, real-life scenarios, selling techniques and coaching tools are all included.


  • Customized training program manuals
  • Coaching job aids
  • Custom surveys as needed


Your Consilio facilitator brings your curriculum to life! Interactive sessions move swiftly and effectively to keep the energy high, the ideas flowing, and the communication open.


  • Behavior modeling
  • Challenging exercises to target and break down comfort zones


Your goals and objectives have to be reinforced if you want results that last. Success on purpose only happens when teams deliver an amazing experience to every customer every time.


  • Action plans for each member of the management team
  • Measurable reporting on each team’s progress

Purpose & Core Values

Our purpose and mission at Consilio is to eradicate miscommunication, because we believe that effective communication improves every aspect of life.


Family is all about having each other's backs and best interests at heart. We invest in one another by challenging and loving each other in both work and play.


We always celebrate our wins and lift each other up. We also take care of ourselves in the process by practicing healthy habits and taking time to recharge.


Check your ego at the door. You can learn something from every person in every situation. Embrace your mistakes and shortcomings, we are all perfectly imperfect.


Passion is not found, it’s cultivated. Your passion is the thing that you put time, energy and thought into. Therefore, practice is at the heart of passion.


We communicate and work so well together that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. We don’t reinvent the wheel, we leverage the expertise of our team.


We don’t just talk a good game – we lead by example to prove that we practice what we preach. “Do as I say” is out. “If we can do it, so can you” is our mantra.

Create Success On Purpose. Start Your Conversation With Consilio.

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